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September 12, 2022

Cecil 7.2.0 released


Debug output of translations

If build or server command is ran in debug mode (e.g.: php cecil.phar serve -vvv) some details about translations are printed :

Translation loader for format "yaml" found
Translation loader for format "mo" found
Translation file "path/translations/messages.fr.yaml" added
Translation file "path/translations/messages.fr.mo" added
Intl extension is loaded

It is useful to know:

  1. what translations loaders are used
  2. what files are added to translations catalog
  3. if the Intl extension is available on the system


  • Loads translations even if there is only 1 language configured
  • Pagination template (partials/paginator.html.twig) fixed


  • Dependencies updated
  • Code enhanced
Release notes on GitHub