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September 6, 2022

Cecil 6.3.0 released


Better front matter variables handling

Simple front matter variables (i.e.: title, language, etc.) are stored in a property and complex values (like collections) are stored in a dedicated object attribute.

This has no impact on calls within a template.


{{ page.language }} # <=> $page->getVariable('language');
{{ page.pages }} # <=> $page->getPages();


  • Missing end tag for the main element of the default template fixed (by @magentix)
  • #1456 fixed (new:page command)
  • Menu entry weight is forced to be an integer value
  • new:page filename can now contain several dots in its name
  • URL of an alias page is now localized
  • The self-update command works again thanks to laravel-zero/phar-updater fork


  • Content documentation updated


  • Dependencies updated
  • Code cleaned
Release notes on GitHub