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Download File checksum


You can download cecil.phar by clicking on the "Download" button or with the following command from your terminal:

curl -LO https://cecil.app/cecil.phar
php cecil.phar --version

PHP 7.1+ is required.
File integrity can be checked with the SHA1 file, by clicking on the "File checksum" button.

Install globally

For more comfort you should install Cecil globally.

macOS and Linux

mv cecil.phar /usr/local/bin/cecil
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/cecil


  1. Move cecil.phar in a dedicated directory like C:\bin
  2. Rename it from cecil.phar to cecil
  3. Append ;C:\bin to your PATH environment variable
  4. Create a wrapping batch script


The easiest way to update Cecil to the last version is to use the dedicated command:

cecil self-update

Get a specific version

If you want to download a specific version you can specify it in the URL path.
For instance, if you want to install the 4.0.0 version you need to put download/4.0.0/ in the URL:

curl -LO https://cecil.app/download/4.0.0/cecil.phar

See the releases list on GitHub.