Table of contents

Quick Start

Create a website with the default skeleton.

Step 1: Install

Download cecil.phar from your terminal:

curl -SOL

You can also download Cecil manually from the website.

PHP 7.1+ is required.

Step 2: Create a new website

php cecil.phar newsite <mywebsite>

Step 3: Add content

php cecil.phar new blog/

Now you can edit the newly created content file if you want: <mywebsite>/content/blog/

Step 4: Serve the website

To build and serve the website, just run the following command from the root of your project:

php cecil.phar serve --drafts
  • serve command run a local HTTP server and a watcher: if a file (a page, a template or the config) is modified, the browser current page is reloaded.
  • --drafts option is used to include drafts.

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