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Quick Start

Cecil is a CLI application, powered by PHP, that merge plain text files (written in Markdown), images and Twig templates to generate a static website.

Create a blog

If you want to create a no-hassle blog, the starter blog is for you.

The easiest way to deploy and manage your blog is certainly with Netlify + Netlify CMS or Vercel.

Deploy to Netlify Deploy to Vercel

Create a website

How to create create a website in a few steps.

Download Cecil

Download cecil.phar from your terminal:

curl -LO https://cecil.app/cecil.phar

You can also download Cecil manually.

Create a new website

Create a directory for the website (e.g.: <mywebsite>), put cecil.phar in it, then run the new:site command:

php cecil.phar new:site

Add a page

Run the new:page command:

php cecil.phar new:page my-first-page.md

Now you can edit the newly created page with your Markdown editor: <mywebsite>/pages/my-first-page.md.

Check the preview

Run the following command to create a preview of the website:

php cecil.phar serve

Then navigate to http://localhost:8000.

Build and deploy

When you are satisfied with the result, you can generate the website in order to deploy it on the Web.

Run the following command to build the website:

php cecil.phar build

You can now copy the content of the _site directory to a Web server 🎉

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