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Quick Start

Cecil is a CLI application, powered by PHP, that merge plain text files (written in Markdown), images and Twig templates to generate a static website.

Create a blog

If you want to create a no-hassle blog, the starter blog is for you.

The easiest way to deploy and manage your the starter blog is certainly with Netlify + Netlify CMS.

Deploy to Netlify

If your goal is managing content quickly, and decide later where to deploy to it, let Forestry CMS guide you.

Import into Forestry

Create a website

Create a website – from scratch – in 4 steps!

Step 1: Install Cecil

Download cecil.phar from your terminal:

curl -LO https://cecil.app/cecil.phar

You can also download Cecil manually from the website.

PHP 7.1+ is required.

Step 2: Create a new website

Run the new:site command:

php cecil.phar new:site <mywebsite>

Step 3: Add some content

Run the new:page command:

php cecil.phar new:page blog/my-first-post.md <mywebsite>

Now you can edit the newly created page with your favorite Markdown editor (I recommend Typora): <mywebsite>/content/blog/my-first-post.md.

Step 4: Check the preview

Run the following command to build and serve the website:

php cecil.phar serve --drafts <mywebsite>

Then navigate to your new website at http://localhost:8000.


  • serve command run a local HTTP server and a watcher: if a file (a page, a template or the config) is modified, the browser’s current page is reloaded.
  • --drafts option is used to include drafts.

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